Road to Cadejo – Part 2 – Taking Action

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Once I was ready to start working (around June 2019), I made a couple of moves in parallel:

Hiring a Professional

I hired a graphic designer: Sarah Fischer. I knew for a fact that I wanted to put my money where my mouth was, and I…also knew for a fact that my design skills are not very good. Sarah is currently working on her own company, but I initially met her as my co-worker at Code Fellows.

One of the main ideas I wanted to convey with Cadejo was the fact that computer science is a beautiful subject. I remember looking at one of her designs and thinking “WOW that’s beautiful”. I decided to hire her to work on Cadejo as soon as she opened her own business.

This was the ad that made me fell in love with Sarah’s work.

If you pay attention to my website, I’m trying to open my articles with a beautiful picture that sets the tone for the journey.

Look at those beautiful ants

Ok…I know I know! I know it goes against practical advice to spend a considerable amount of money when you are just first starting your website. Even Ramit advices against it, however; I really wanted to convey the beautiful side of computer science with Cadejo, and having such a powerful brand from the start really ignited my spirits.

Sadly, I didn’t have enough money (and I still don’t…) to ask Sarah to design the entire website. She just worked on brand elements: logo, colors, fonts, and the general visual style of the site. I’m hoping to eventually bring her back again to work with me.

Re-inventing the Wheel

Continuing with the theme of “going against traditional advice”. I decided to avoid using WordPress and, instead, coding my own site from the ground up.

I know, I know…I know! This again goes against practical advice when starting a blog. One of my fellow online entrepreneurs told me I was going to spend months working on my code instead of focusing on my content. (By the way, her name is Asha Jacob, and you should definitely check out her website)

And you know what? She was right! why did I do it?

First, When I started the project, I had no immediate plans to stop being a full-time instructor. I wanted a more complex project to hone my skills and get back into the developer mindset.

Second, I’ll probably say this until the day I die, but I firmly believe that the full extent of my Cadejo dream requires I have complete control over the platform. What you see right now is just the tip of the iceberg for everything I have planned.

Fun story? I had weekly calls with Asha and Kavitha (another online entrepreneur you should check) and I remember always being concerned about how much I was coding but how little visible progress could be seen. I think I spent a whole week just updating my coding libraries haha!

My decision to code the platform delayed Cadejo for several months, but I don’t regret making it…and I sincerely hope it was the right one 😅.

So, most of my free time since June 2019 was spent either working on Cadejo’s code or following the “Zero to Launch” process. In the next post, I’m going to go over my experiences coding Cadejo.

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