Vladimirsan.com is online (again)!

I was preparing myself to write a big post detailing the reasons behind why I closed vladimirsan.com, but I decided to go with a “TL;DR” version and focus my energies on rebuilding the blog as soon as possible.

Let’s a-go:

Why did I close this blog on 2015?

  1. I was kept having grievances about my web hosting and its unreliable performance.
  2. I internalized that once my development studio launched, it was going to have their own blog, so the future of vladimirsan.com was uncertain.
  3. Main reason: I was having financial problems at the moment, and ending my web hosting contract seemed like an easy way to save ~100 dollars.

Why is the blog online again?

  1. I’m getting ready to launch a web project I’ve been preparing for a while, and thanks to my good friend Jason Fu, I was able to get an excellent deal on web-hosting.
  2. I did miss having a blog to share my adventures in software development.

Any changes to the blog itself?

I’m planning on moving most of my game development adventures (and misadventures) to my development studio’s blog (yet to be created…). Vladimirsan.com will still hold updates about all my other projects in software development.

The blog will also take a more personal tone in some instances.

What’s next?

I’ll (slowly but steadily) upload my older posts, and I’ll start writing about something I’ve had on my chest for quite some time.

It’s good to be back n_n

just remember…this was the TL;DR version…

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